Lleyton Hewitt Fitness App

I recently purchased the Lleyton Hewitt Fitness App, Lleyton Hewitt Tennis Fitness Pro, from the Google Play Store. For about four dollars, you get hundreds of tennis related videos, tips, and insights related to the off court training Lleyton used on tour for 20 years.

I like the bonus features that go into insider information about life on the tour. You can even compete against Lleyton in a number of exercises. But I do think there is room for improvement in the actual app and its user experience. The app should be more interactive. Instead of just providing videos, it should integrate with existing wearable devices so users can record key metrics from their workouts and log exercises completed. I also think instead of just dividing the training into focus areas like strength, agility/footwork, power, core, and serve, that the workouts should follow the same periodization categories that tennis players actually and guide users through their sample workouts. Who wouldn’t love a workout out with Lleyton shouting motivational tips into their ears?

Many of today’s top players keep their training regiments under lock and key, but for a small fee, you can learn a little about what it takes to be a great tennis player. All in all, it’s an interesting use of mobile technology. If integrated with wearables, I believe it can reduce some of the costs associated with personal training sessions and provide many tennis specific exercises that can help you perform better on the court.


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