The Future of the Connected Stadium

The Future of the Connected Statement

I’m an avid listener of the podcast This Week in Startups and this interview with Jed York, the CEO of the SF 49ers, stuck with me because of how forward thinking he is as the CEO of a team located in the epicenter of innovation, Silicon Valley. He is truly ahead of the curve with his views on how fans should interact with their favorite teams. At Levi’s stadium, mobile technology  enhances the fan experience.  The NFL has pledged to have WIFI in every stadium to view instant replays, upgrade seats midgame, and place orders without leaving one’s seat.  These features and more have been implemented at Levi’s Stadium. This has been a response to  changing demographics, hoping to bring a younger, connected generation to stadiums.

One of my biggest pet peeves about tennis is that it’s not the easier to digest on television. While I watch as many matches as I can over the year, the camera angle doesn’t give me the same source of pleasure as being courtside at a tournament. It is really hard for non-players to understand what is going on and how quickly things are happening on the court. Imagine a day where we can all put on a set of VR goggles and see what  players are seeing on the field or on a court from their eyes. Enjoy the interview and feel free to share your own ideas of what you think the fan experience should be like through the use of new technologies!

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